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Latina Made a MIstake in Choosing this Pawnshop to do Business

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Lovely Latina girl was referred by a friend to do business in the dirtiest pawnshop in the city. Big mistake. Too late when she found out that she was being recorded when she agreed for sex for cash.

Interracial Sex in the Dirty Pawnshop

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Sexy hot Latina poses naked for the dirty pawnshop owner. Supposed to sell her rifle better but the plan was to fuck her.

Busty Latina Customer Having a Good Sexy Time

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Big boobs Latina customer pawning her grandpas's rifle ended up getting fucked. This was after she failed negotiating for the price she was asking for.

Naked Fitness Instructor Demonstrates Her Equipment

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Fitness instructor gets naked in front of the pawnshop officer to demo her machine. Then she gets a dirty offer which she agrees to in exchange for dollars.

Douchebag Pawns His Girlfriend for Lack of Balls

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This douche bag pawns his girlfriend because of his desperation. He needed money so bad that he decided to agree to the pawnbroker's dirty deal.

Black Girl Lost Tight Pussy for Cash

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African American chick gets banged in the pawnshop. She was just there to get a small amount of cash but fucked instead.

Buffed Woman Trying to Make a Living by Pawning and Banging

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Fitness instructor pawns her inclined fitness equipment to keep her gym open. She needs the cash to pay for the rent. The pawnshop guy sees how desperate she is takes advantage of her situation and fucks her.

Busty Latina’s Stolen Phones Got Her Into Trouble at the Pawnshop

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Busty Latina babe got into to trouble after pawnbroker figured the phones she was trying to pawn were stolen. She was invited to the office were the pawnshop guy offered her a better deal. She has to use her gorgeous ...

Cello Player Shows Off Her Gorgeous Body for Fuck and Cash

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Sexy cello player showing off her nice ass to the pawnshop owner just to get the price she is asking for her cello. The pawnshop guy thinks she has one of teh best ass he has ever seen and will grant her her wishes.

Dirty Pawnshop Customer Jessa Rhodes Rubs for Pawnbroker

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African-American Jessa Rhodes seduced the pawnshop owner to cough up more cash. She convinced him of a great fuck if he would agree to buy her stuff for more than it's worth.

Even a Respectable Flight Attendant Gets Tempted by Pawnshop Cash

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Gorgeous flight attendant of an international airlines gets tempted to fuck for cash. This is after the pawnhop manager rejected her stuff she was pawning and offered her more than her asking price if she would agree...

Pawnshop Owner Thought She Play the Right Tune

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Weird things happen in this pawnshop. This time a respectable classical music player is so desperate that she pawns her most important thing in her possession, her cello. But the pawnshop owner thinks she has another ...

Posing Naked with Civil War Rifle Gets Her the Cash

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Sexy Latina pawns antique rifle that has been passed down in her family for generations. She gets the cash and the dick the she needed so badly as the money.

Crazy Black Dude Pimped His Prostitute Girlfriend for a Loan

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Black guy pimped his ex-prostitute girlfriend for $1000. He didn't tell the pawnshop guy that they used to do this that's why they got a big offer.

Spanish Speaking Bitch Caught in a Pawnshop Conundrum

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Bitch is caught in a scenario where she has no choice but to agree for sex. She though all she needed to do is get naked in exchange for cash. But when the tricky pawnshop told her he has her video naked, she has no c...

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