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Latina Made a MIstake in Choosing this Pawnshop to do Business

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Lovely Latina girl was referred by a friend to do business in the dirtiest pawnshop in the city. Big mistake. Too late when she found out that she was being recorded when she agreed for sex for cash.

Cuban Hottie Got Lost in Translation

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This feisty Cuban lady selling her old TV ended up getting pounded in her tight Latina pussy. This is after she failed to negotiate for the right price because of language barrier.

Feisty Latina Gave in to the Dirty Pawnshop Offer

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Nasty bad mounth Cuban lady selling her phased out TV gets more than what is asking for. Not only she gets the hard cash but the hard cock as well.

Interracial Sex in the Dirty Pawnshop

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Sexy hot Latina poses naked for the dirty pawnshop owner. Supposed to sell her rifle better but the plan was to fuck her.

Busty Latina Customer Having a Good Sexy Time

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Big boobs Latina customer pawning her grandpas's rifle ended up getting fucked. This was after she failed negotiating for the price she was asking for.

Pawnshop Gets Another Horny Bitch

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Hot horny customer enters the pawnshop with a mission. She would like to get as much cash from her things and her pussy.

Dirty Latina Agrees to Do it in a Dirty Pawnshop Restroom

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Gorgeous yet dirty flight stewardess agrees to get fucked in the dirty pawnshop rest room. She is desperate enough for some cash the she doesn't mind being degraded a bit.

Pawnbroker is a Real Life Cassanova

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Pawnshop guy always gets whoever he wants to fuck. That includes this sexy health worker who pawns her underwear for a few hundred bucks. The pawnshop guy ha a better offer for her but it invloves getting naked and ha...

Busty Latina’s Stolen Phones Got Her Into Trouble at the Pawnshop

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Busty Latina babe got into to trouble after pawnbroker figured the phones she was trying to pawn were stolen. She was invited to the office were the pawnshop guy offered her a better deal. She has to use her gorgeous ...

Cello Player Shows Off Her Gorgeous Body for Fuck and Cash

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Sexy cello player showing off her nice ass to the pawnshop owner just to get the price she is asking for her cello. The pawnshop guy thinks she has one of teh best ass he has ever seen and will grant her her wishes.

Lovely Teens Dark Fantasy Realized in the Pawnshop

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It was always been her fantasy to strip naked and fuck a stranger and gets paid for it. An opportunity presents itself when she decided to pawn some of her stuff to the dirtiest pawnbroker in town.

Lady Plays On Pawnbroker’s Wedding and Wanting to Fuck Her Since

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This pawnbroker gets a big surprise when the lady who plays the cello during his wedding visits his pawnshop. he admits he would want to fuck her if she agrees and would pay thrice the amount she is asking for.

Gorgeous Desperate Lady Lets Pawnbroker Treat Her Like a Whore

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Lovely flight stewardess gets desperate and quickly went to the pawnshop. She has no other things to pawn but her expensive lingeries. The pawnbroker though has other plans for her. Especially after imagining her wear...

Former Stripper Gets Pimped by Her Former Pimp Boyfriend

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about a year a go this prostitute and pimp couple decided to go straight and legit. But thing get awry and they are now flat broke. The only fallback they have is to go back to their former business and have the girl ...

Even a Respectable Flight Attendant Gets Tempted by Pawnshop Cash

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Gorgeous flight attendant of an international airlines gets tempted to fuck for cash. This is after the pawnhop manager rejected her stuff she was pawning and offered her more than her asking price if she would agree...

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